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About BEI Sensors

BEI Sensors specializes in speed and position sensors for extreme applications. Serving the industrial, military, aerospace and off-highway markets, BEI Sensors provides an extensive range of products from standard off-the-shelf to completely customized solutions for any challenging application. Backed by decades of experience, BEI designs sensors that offer uncompromising quality, performance, and reliability. The comprehensive product line includes optical and magnetic encoders, Hall effect sensors, potentiometers (wirewound, conductive plastic and hybrid), electronic interface modules, wireless modules, and a variety of product accessories. Specialized products for extreme applications include those for wash-down and corrosive environments, extended operating temperatures, high shock and vibration, wet and dirty operations and products certified for hazardous area use.

BEI Sensors upholds a standard of excellence in our products, customer service experience, and commitment to being a global leader in speed and position sensor technology.


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BEI Sensors Manufacturing Facilities Certifications

Thousand Oaks, California

PDF BEI Sensors - Thousand Oaks - AS9100 Rev C Certificate (PDF - 611KB)
PDF BEI Sensors - Thousand Oaks - ISO Certificate (PDF - 671KB)


Tijuana, Mexico

PDF BEI Sensors - Sensata - Tijuana - ISO Certificate (PDF - 94KB)

Strasbourg, France

PDF BEI Sensors Strasbourg - ISO Certificate (PDF - 104KB) 

Environmental Certifications

Thousand Oaks, California

PDF BEI Sensors Thousand Oaks - Environmental Management System - ISO 14001:2004 (PDF - 683KB)
PDF BEI Sensors Thousand Oaks - Environmental Policy (PDF - 105KB) 


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