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BEI Sensors History: BEI Duncan, BEI Ideacod, and BEI Industrial Encoders

The Power of 3

BEI Industrial Encoders, BEI Duncan, BEI Ideacod

BEI Sensors was formed in 2010 as a merger between BEI Industrial Encoders, BEI Duncan Electronics and BEI Ideacod. Serving the industrial, military/aerospace and transportation markets, BEI Sensors utilizes 'The Power of 3' expert legacy brands, providing an extensive product line, engineering expertise and unparalleled product support. Each of the former BEI brands has received recognition from customers world-wide for their ability to deliver premium quality products for all types of demanding applications. For decades, BEI products have been found in everything from elevators to military equipment and oil rigs to wind turbines. Below is a brief history of each legacy BEI brand.

BEI Duncan: Founded in 1960

BEI Duncan was well known for more than 40 years as a leading manufacturer of linear and rotary position sensors. Utilizing innovative design and specialized materials, these products offered superior performance in harsh environments where long life is required. BEI Duncan's reliable "contacting" and "non-contacting" sensors were designed for a broad range of applications, from automotive to avionics, consumer products, robotics, instrumentation, and heavy equipment. These products filled an important need for accurate, reliable, space-conscious devices.

BEI Industrial Encoders: Founded in 1977

BEI Industrial Encoders is world- renowned for producing premium quality industrial optical encoders, creating a new standard for on-time delivery and exceptional customer support. The brands's rugged encoders offered a wide selection of mechanical, electrical and environmental options designed for all types of motion control applications. BEI Industrial Encoders lead the way in developing electronic interfaces, accessories, and specialized products certified for hazardous area use (ATEX and UL) and wash-down environments.

BEI Ideacod: Founded in 1979

BEI Ideacod has a distinguished reputation for producing high-quality encoder products working closely with customers. As a specialist in industrial rotary encoders for European markets, BEI Ideacod invested in all types of projects, both large and small. The brand offered an entire line of ATEX-certified single-turn and multi-turn absolute and incremental encoders and cable sensors. BEI Ideacod was also a specialist in product customization for specific applications.

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