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Crossovers for Disc Instruments Encoders

Below is a selection of Disc Instruments encoder model numbers that BEI can replace. Click on the datasheet PDF link for detailed encoder information and ordering instructions.
If you do not find your encoder model number, we can still help. Just call us at 800-350-2727 and we will help you find the right encoder.

The BEI Advantage:
Presale service. On-time encoder shipments. High quality encoder products. Excellent technical support.

Disc Instruments
Model Number
Crossover with
BEI® Model Number
  BEI Encoder Specifications Datasheet  
Model H25® H25 Optical Encoder
  • Incremental Optical Encoder
  • 2.5" diameter
  • Resolution up to 5,000 CPT (72,000 CPT with interpolation)
  • EMI shielding
  • 40 lb. ABEC 7 bearings
Model H25® Incremental Encoder PDF
4pgs / 240K
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EC80 Model H20® H20 Optical Encoder
  • Incremental Optical Encoder
  • 2.0" diameter
  • Resolution up to 1,024 CPT (4,096 CPT with interpolation)
  • EMI shielding
  • NEMA 4 and 13
Model H20® Incremental Encoder PDF
4pgs / 247K
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H38 H38 Explosion Proof Optical Encoder  
  • Incremental Explosion Proof Encoder
  • 3.75" diameter
  • Resolution up to 5,000 CPT (72,000 CPT with interpolation)
  • NEMA Class 4X, 6 and 13 Environmental ratings
Model H38 Incremental Explosion Proof Encoder
4 pgs / 238K
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