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Magnetic and Optical Encoders and Hall Effect Sensors for High Shock and Vibration Environments

Encoders for a high shock and vibration environment
Encoder products and Hall effect sensors for high shock and vibration environments

The use of encoders and position sensors in high shock or vibration environments that are not properly rated can result in output errors, reduced accuracy, or component failure. It is important to be aware of an application's expected shock and vibration and select a sensor rated for that environment. BEI Senors encoders and sensor products with this icon can withstand greater than 100 g's of shock or over 10 g's of vibration. See individual product data sheets for maximum shock and vibration ratings.

Featured Products:

H40 Incremental Shock-Proof Encoder

H40 Incremental Shock-Proof Encoder

4.0” shafted shock-proof incremental encoder offers the precision of an optical encoder with an internal structure that is totally isolated from severe shock and vibration. The H40 can withstand 200Gs at 11msec of shock and 5 to 2000 Hz @ 20Gs of vibration

PDF H40 Incremental Shock-Proof Encoder
GHT5 Incremental Hollow Shaft Encoder

GHT5 Incremental Hollow Shaft Encoder

58mm though shaft optical encoder specially designed for heavy, industrial applications, with maximum shock rating of < 500 m.s-2 (during 6ms), and maximum vibration rating of < 100 m.s-2 (55 to 2000Hz). Available with Incremental or UVW outputs, or ATEX certification for hazardous areas.

PDF GHT5 Incremental Hollow Shaft Encoder
8360 Through-Hole Position Sensor

8360 Through-Hole Position Sensor

Utilizing non-contact Hall effect sensing technology, the 8360 can tolerate 50Gs, half sine pulse, 11 m sec duration of shock, and 10-10,000 Hz of vibration. With 360 degree continuous rotational capabilities in a low-profile (16mm), hollow shaft package, the 8360 offers OEMs and design engineers complete versatility especially suited for space-constrained applications.

PDF 8360 Through-Hole Position Sensor

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