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Position Sensors and Encoders for Material Handling Equipment

Encoder products and motion control solutions for cranes and hoisting, Scissor lifts - position sensing, Gantry Crane - speed position sensors

BEI Sensors offers a variety of rotary encoders and position sensors rugged enough for material handling operations in the toughest environmental conditions. BEI's motion control products provide speed and position feedback needed for cranes, hoists and lifts to move materials with precision and accuracy. The environments where material handling equipment operates are almost as diverse as the materials they move. Whether it's loading and unloading cargo in unforgiving seaports or handling material on a factory floor, the equipment requires reliable motion control feedback solutions to do their job properly and safely. BEI Sensors specializes in the design and manufacture of position and speed sensors for a variety of equipment, including hoists, cranes (gantry, harbor, and construction), fork lifts, conveyers, automated warehousing, man lifts and scissor lifts.

Featured Products

Model 9960 Rotary Hall Effect Position Sensor

9960 Rotary Hall Effect Position Sensor

The 9960 is available with numerous active electrical angles and termination options, as well as single or dual outputs. It is highly resistant to high shock and vibration. Ideal material handling applications include wheel and throttle position for equipment.

PDF 9960 Rotary Hall Effect Position Sensor

Model 8360 Through-Hole Hall Effect Position Sensor

8360 Through-Hole Hall Effect Position Sensor

Featuring 360 degree continuous rotational capabilities in a low-profile (16mm), hollow shaft package, the 8360 offers OEMs and design engineers complete versatility and is especially suited for applications where space and sensor mounting flexibility are critical. The 8360 is ideal for steering wheel angle measurement, boom angle, throttling, pivoting, and traction control.

PDF 8360 Through-Hole Hall Effect Position Sensor

H35 - Hollow Shaft Optical Rotary Encoder

HS35 Hollow Shaft Optical Rotary Encoder

Rugged hollow-shaft encoder design for easy mounting and reliable speed and position feedback

PDF HS35 Hollow Shaft Optical Rotary Encoder

PHU9 Multi-turn Absolute Through Shaft Encoder

PHU9 Multi-Turn Absolute Through Shaft Encoder

This rugged optical encoder features a 13x16 turn capability, a hollow shaft body style for compact installation, a variety of serial interface capabilities and redundant outputs for safety. Available with SSI, CANopen, or Profibus output.

PDF PHU9 Multi-Turn Absolute Through Shaft Encoder

Wireless Encoder Interface - SwiftComm - BEI

SwiftComm Wireless Encoder Interface

Extremely robust wireless encoder signal in real time, which eliminates the need for long encoder cable runs in the festoon. Available for incremental or absolute encoders.

PDF SwiftComm Wireless Encoder Interface

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