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Intrinsic Safety Barrier for Encoders

Intrinsic Safety Barrier for EncodersThe BEI Sensors Intrinsic Safety(IS) Barrier is the perfect complement to BEI’s Intrinsically Safe Encoders. Together with our cable assemblies they constitute a completely engineered solution for encoder operation in Class I and Class II, Division I and Division II hazardous environments. This single barrier provides both power and signal isolation for an incremental encoder with differential quadrature outputs and an index. This all-in-one approach saves the cost, inconvenience and system design time needed when using separate power and signal barriers.

This barrier is galvanically isolated and saves the added cost of maintaining a high integrity earth ground. With differential line driver outputs, this barrier can be used to carry signals up to 500 feet with a bandwidth of up to 250 kHz.

The IS Barrier is designed around a standard DIN Rail mounting (Type EN 50 022, 35 mm X 7.5 mm) for easy installation in standard enclosures. The barrier has a non-incendive rating and can be installed in Class I, Division II areas.

IS Barrier Certifications

The BEI Intrinsic Safety Barrier has the following certifications allowing intrinsically safe encoders to be installed in the following hazardous locations consistent with the encoder specifications:

CE certification IS Barrier EN 61000-6-4 and 61000-6-2

IS Barrier cUL and UL certification U.S., Canadian Standards Class I, Group A,B,C&D; Class II Group E,F,G; Zone 0, Group IIC

IS Barrier ATEX certification CENELEC/ATEX EX ia IIC T4

IECEx IECEx Ex nA [ia Ga] IIC T4 Gc

PDF Data Sheet (PDF - 532KB)

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