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LP Series Encoders
Low profile encoder products for heavy-duty applications

Rugged and compact encoder series for harsh environments

Engineers’ Choice Award 2017 FINALIST

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LP Series Encoders named WINNER in 2017 Engineers' Choice Awards! Learn More

Housing Variations | LP Series Models | Product & Environmental Specifications | Hazardous Areas | Programmable Versions

The LP Series rotary encoder product family is built to withstand extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, and wet and dirty environments. This industrial encoder line provides reliable and precise rotary motion control feedback via a compact, low profile encoder package for harsh duty environment applications.

LP Series Encoders Product Review by Design World

LP Series Overview

  • Three LP Series encoder types are available to fit a variety of system needs:
Compact Terminal Box Explosion Proof
  • Each of the three encoder model types is available in incremental or absolute single turn outputs.

  • The compact version comes with either cable or connector terminations.

  • The terminal box version features enhanced electronics which makes it resistant to wiring errors.

  • All LP Series encoder models provide a rugged and reliable motion control solution for a wide range of harsh environments and are ideal for use in these industries:
    • Material handling
    • Metal process
    • Wind turbine
    • Off highway vehicle
    • Elevator
    • Agriculture
    • Oil and gas
    • Building automation

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Housing Variations

Encoder Type Material Shaft Termination
H: Incremental
A: Absolute single turn
H: Anodized aluminum M: Solid shaft
K: Blind shaft
A: Integrated coupling
U: Through shaft
9: Cable or M12 connector
B: Terminal box
X: Explosion proof housing with terminal box

Mechanical Options

A variety of mechanical encoder configurations are available including shafted, through shaft, blind shaft or shaft with integrated coupling to fit a wide range of installations.

Solid shaft Through shaft Blind shaft Integrated coupling

Rotary Encoder Shaft

Solid mounting with a low profile (12mm— 1 in)

Rotary Encoder Through Hollow Shaft

Through hollow shaft (up to 30mm—1 1/8 in) allows for redundant mounting (multiple units on a single shaft)

Rotary Encoder Blind Shaft

For installation on motor shafts (cylindrical or center-tapped)

Rotary Encoder with Integrated Coupling

Unique solution for flange mounting with through shaft (up to 20mm— 0.78 in) capability

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Electrical Options

Available Outputs

Incremental Absolute Single-Turn

Incremental HTL-TTL

5 — 30 V / push pull
5 — 30 V/ RS 422
line driver
5 V / RS 422 line
11-30 push pull

5 — 30 V / SSI

Absolute Single-Turn

Incremental Commutation Tracks

Enhanced Electronics

The terminal box and explosion proof / flameproof versions of the LP Series provide additional electrical features such as:

  • Protection against mis-wiring
  • Overvoltage protection up to 60V
  • Enhanced drive capabilities to ensure a strong signal over long cable runs
LP Series Encoder with Terminal Box LP Series Encoders Enhanced Electronics

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LP Series Encoder Model Configurations

Click the encoder models below to view detailed specifications and data sheets.

Body Style Compact Terminal Box Explosion Proof
shafted body style encoder Solid shaft HHM9 HHMB HHMX
Through Shaft Body Style Encoder Through shaft HHU9 HHUB HHUX
Blind Shaft Body Style Encoder Blind shaft HHK9 HHKB HHKX
Through Shaft Body Style Encoder Integrated coupling HHA9 HHAB HHAX
Absolute Single-Turn
shafted body style encoder Solid shaft AHM9 AHMB AHMX
Through Shaft Body Style Encoder Through shaft AHU9 AHUB AHUX
Blind Shaft Body Style Encoder Blind shaft AHK9 AHKB AHKX
Through Shaft Body Style Encoder Integrated coupling AHA9 AHAB AHAX

Encoder Product Specifications

Compact version Terminal box version Explosion proof version
Thickness (mm / inch) 26 mm— 1 inch 51 mm—2 inch
Housing material Anodized aluminum Hard anodized aluminum
Shaft styles Solid — Blind — Integrated coupling — Through— Application dedicated shaft
Terminations M12 Connector —Cable Terminal box with or without cable
Electrical output HTL-TTL / SSI
Incremental resolution 1 to 10000 ppr
Absolute single turn resolution Up to 16 bits
Programmable version Yes Yes No
Enhanced electronics No Yes Yes
Mechanical speed Up to 6000 RPM
IP rating IP66
Operating temperature -40°C to 100°C -40°C to 85°C
Shock ≤ 3000 m/s2 (5 ms 1/2 sine)
Vibration ≤ 200 m/s2 (55 to 2000 Hz)

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Environmental Specifications

Heavy-duty design

The LP Series of encoders has been built tough to withstand extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, and wet and dirty environments, while providing accurate speed and position sensing feedback.

  • Standard aluminum anodized housing resists corrosion

  • Encapsulated electronics provide IP66 ingress protection from dust and moisture

  • Operates in extreme temperatures, from-40°C to 100°C

  • Bearings protected against dust and water jets
LP Series Encoder Family: Rugged & Compact
LP Series Encoders feature a compact, low profile design while maintaining high performance in heavy-duty & harsh environment applications


All LP Series encoders come standard with UL and CE certifications for use in European and North American applications.

CE Certified     CUL Listed

Available triple ratings for the explosion proof encoder version help to simplify the certification process of the end-users’ assembly and save costs in obtaining additional approvals to comply with international safety regulations.

UL certified cUL certified   IECEx certified   ATEX certified

Hazardous Area LP Series Encoders

Explosion Proof & Flameproof Encoders*

  • LP Series encoders are designed to operate directly in explosive Division 1, Zone 1 environments.

  • Select an encoder model to view product specifications and data sheets.

  • To learn more about the explosion proof and flameproof models, check out the news release.
HHUX LP35 LP Series Blind Shaft Explosion Proof EncoderLP Series Explosion Proof/Flameproof Encoder

Triple certified explosion proof / flameproof* LP Series encoders are designed to operate in hazardous areas around the world

*Certifications pending

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Programmable versions

The LP Series encoder family* is available in programmable versions with an easy-to-use software that allows for quick programming of the encoder resolution. Having programmable encoders on hand can help to save inventory costs and reduce downtime.

Easily program encoder resolution
Incremental Absolute single-turn
  • From 1 to 10 000 pulses per revolution
  • Index positioning (Top 0)
  • Index calibration
  • Programmable U/V/W channels
  • Up to 16 bits
  • Reset and preset functions
*Programmable version not available with Explosion Proof / Flameproof LP Series encoders

LP Series Programmable Encoder Software Download

LP Series Programmable Encoder

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