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Motion Control Solutions for Major Industries Worldwide

These days, engineers have to do more with fewer resources. BEI Sensors can help by acting as an extension of your engineering team. BEI has had the privilege to partner with global companies in industries such as oil & gas, off-highway, aerospace & defense, heavy-duty motors, mining, metal processing, and cranes & hoists. Each industry poses their own unique requirements. Because of decades of innovation and collaboration, BEI can offer a wide range of encoders, Hall effect sensors and potentiometers to address virtually any speed or position sensing application.

BEI's dedicated staff of application and design engineers assists with everything from creating custom sensors to troubleshooting installations. We are more than just a supplier. We strive to make our customers' motion control operations run more easily and efficiently.

In addition to the major industries listed below, BEI Sensors provides motion control solutions for elevators, marine, food and beverage, paper, printing and packaging applications.

Position Sensors for Aerospace and DefenseAerospace and Defense Material HandlingMaterial Handling
Encoders and Position Sensors for Metal Manufacturing ApplicationsMetals Encoders for motors and drivesMotors and Drives
Off Highway EquipmentOff Highway Equipment Oil and GasOil and Gas
Encoder products and motion control solutions for wind energyWind Energy  

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