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NEWS: BEI Sensors Releases Position Sensing Solutions Brochure for Off-Road and Industrial Vehicles


BEI Sensors has released a new brochure that outlines its extremely versatile capabilities in providing position sensing solutions for off-road and industrial vehicle applications.  The brochure presents comprehensive information on BEI Sensors' successful track record of reliable product performance in extremely harsh environments. BEI offers a wide variety of standard rotary and linear potentiometers and magnetic Hall-effect sensors, as well as a full line of exceptionally rugged industrial encoders.  Additionally, BEI has the ability to adapt these products to exact customer requirements while maintaining a high degree of reliability and performance in the severe conditions posed in these industries.

BEI rotary and linear position sensors are found wherever environmental extremes are standard—including use in mobile and rotating cranes, earth movers, excavators, bulldozers, trucks, tractors, combines, mowers, snow groomers, logging equipment, forklifts, and marine vehicles.  Request your fee copy today to learn more about BEI's capabilities, quality service and reliable position sensing solutions for off-road and industrial vehicles.

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