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BEI Sensors Wins 2015 Leadership in Engineering Award- Sensors & Switches


BEI Sensors wins Leadership in Engineering Award for encoders switches sensors
BEI Sensors is proud to be announced as Design World’s 2015 Leadership in Engineering Winner for the Sensors & Switches category. Each year, Design World asks their readership to vote for the companies that best embody the combination of characteristics that represent engineering leadership.  These attributes include; excellence of design, attention to customers and focus on the details.  

Design World is written for engineers by engineers with an emphasis on applying engineering fundamentals to real world machine design applications across industries - including medical, packaging, semiconductor, material handling, oil gas fields and off-highway.

In its 2015 Leadership profile, BEI Sensors featured its comprehensive line of functional safety encoders, high temperature high pressure position sensors and triple certified hazardous area encoders, highlighting the many position sensing solutions it provides for heavy duty applications and harsh environments.

Here are some of the product features from the article:

Functional Safety Encoders

BEI Sensors Functional Safety EncodersTo meet the market demands for functional safety, BEI Sensors has developed a unique range of functionally safe incremental encoders for use in the most diverse industrial applications with systems of up to SIL3 and PLe. A number of innovative safety mechanics features have been designed into this product line to provide greater reliability. These include an additional bearing in the cover on through shaft models for better overload capability, positive shaft locks to prevent sliding of the encoder on motor shafts, insulated secure sleeves to protect against stray currents, accurate stator couplings and tether arms for safe mounting on the driving motors.

High Temperature High Pressure Position Sensors

BEI Sensors High Pressure High Temperature Position SensorsWhen it comes to extreme shock or high temperatures, as are common conditions in downhole drilling applications, BEI Sensors designed a line of linear potentiometers to meet these demanding requirements.   The harsh environmental conditions deep in a well operation requires sensors to not only operate in temperatures of up to 200°C, pressures up to 30,000 psi and high shock and vibration, but to also accurately relay position feedback information day after day in increasingly tough environments. A failure in the sensor would require the removal of the tool, which can take up to a day and cost potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in downtime, making sensor reliability and service life critical to the tools’ operation.   BEI Sensors’ linear position sensors are  designed to take the heat relying on strong proprietary conductive plastic resistive inks that are tough enough to withstand operating temperatures from -40° to +200°C, high linear velocities exceeding 2000mm/second and aggregate mechanical travel exceeding one million meters.

Triple Certified Nonincendive Encoders

BEI Sensors triple certified nonincendive encodersIn industrial applications where explosive agents are present intermittently, nonincendive/non-sparking encoders can be used instead of more complex explosion-proof or flameproof products that exceed the hazardous area requirements of Division 2 and Zone 2 environments.  BEI Sensors’ full line of UL-certified nonincendive Division 2 encoders is now also compliant to CENELEC/ATEX and IECEx non-sparking Zone 2 hazardous area standards.  The nonincendive/non-sparking protection method assures that no sparking or hot surfaces will occur in the encoders. Encoders with this certification offer several operational benefits including simpler installation, no need for an associated apparatus (such as a barrier) and no restriction of energy to the hazardous location. Triple certifications for these hazardous area encoders simplify the rating process of the system and save costs in obtaining additional approvals to comply with international safety regulations.

Check out the article on BEI Sensors' Leadership in Engineering Award in Design World







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