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NEWS: 9960 Series Position Sensor Offers More Communication Options and Expanded Environmental Operation


BEI Sensors announces expanded input/output electrical options and a new IP69K rating on the highly configurable 9960 series Hall effect position sensor.  With the new electrical options, the 9960 can communicate with a wider range of controllers and accepts a larger variety of input voltages. Validated to key aspects of ISO-7637-2, the 9960 is also compatible with the harsh transients found in vehicle battery systems.  The new electrical options include 9-30 VDC in/4-20mA current out and 15-30 VDC in/0-10 VDC out.  In addition, the 9960 carries an IP69K rating for high-pressure, high-temperature wash-down applications.  This allows the sensor to operate in an extensive variety of extremely wet applications and is still dust tight for dirty and dusty environments.

The 9960 series is available in numerous standard configurations with fast, one week delivery for small quantities.  With 360 degree turn capability, the 9960 can be used over a large range of rotary motion making it extremely versatile. Utilizing non-contacting Hall effect technology makes the 9960 an exceptionally rugged and reliable rotary motion control sensor. The 9960 is ideal for a variety of applications in harsh environments, including steering and pedal positioning for construction, agriculture and mining vehicles, marine steering and speed control, wheel and throttle position for material handling, and valve position for process control.

Model 9960 Hall Effect Position Sensor



Versatile Hall Effect Rotary Position Sensor Available for Quick Delivery

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