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NEWS: World Class Brands Merge to Form BEI Sensors


BEI Industrial Encoders, BEI Duncan Electronics and BEI Ideacod have combined to form BEI Sensors, bringing some of the best known position measurement solutions together under one name. This merger brings an extensive product line of encoders and sensors, engineering expertise and unparalleled customer service together to better serve the industrial, military/aerospace and transportation markets. Headquarters for BEI Sensors is located in Goleta, California.

Each of the former BEI divisions has received recognition from customers world-wide for their ability to deliver premium quality encoder products for all types of demanding motion control applications. For decades, BEI products have been found in everything from elevators to military equipment and oil rigs to wind turbines.

The new comprehensive BEI Sensors product line includes rotary and linear position sensors, potentiometers, Hall Effect sensors, precision rotary optical encoder products with absolute and incremental configurations, panel controls, electronic interface modules, and a variety of additional accessories. Specialized products are also available, including those certified for hazardous area use, wash-down environments and extreme operating temperatures. Whether customers need a standard off-the-shelf product or a completely customized solution, BEI Sensors can deliver.

Backed by an experienced customer service staff and knowledgeable application specialists, BEI Sensors offers some of the most highly rated pre and post sale service in the industry. Everyone at BEI works toward to producing the best products and delivering the best customer service found anywhere. BEI Sensors is a company of Custom Sensors and Technologies.


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