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Online Store - Encoders and Sensor Support Products

Purchase encoders and accessories online!

Check out BEI Sensors’ online store for available encoder models and related accessories including specialized hardware, cables, connectors and power supplies to get your position sensing solution up and running in no time.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?
Please note that our online store features a limited selection of BEI Sensors products that are available for online purchase.
Contact us, or give us a call at 805-716-0322 / 800-350-2727 to purchase or find out more about our full product offering.

Express Encoders®

BEI Sensors Express Encoder Models for online purchase and quick delivery

Express Encoders are popular configurations of the H20, H25, HS25, and HS35 standard model encoders that ship in 3 days or less with no expedite fees. There are six package styles (four incremental and two absolute) to choose from and over 2,000 different configurations with various options for mounting, voltage/output and terminations to suit a range of applications.

Omnicoder®: Programmable Resolution Encoder

BEI Sensors programmable encoder for purchase online & quick delivery - Omnicoder®

The Omnicoder programmable encoder is packaged in BEI’s Model H25® incremental encoder and allows the user to easily program the desired resolution.

Encoder & Sensor Support Products

Encoder Model HS25 from BEI Sensors

Easily purchase accompanying encoder accessories online to complete your motion control installation. A selection of sensor support products are available, including:

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