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Position Sensor Solutions for Aerospace and Defense Industries

Position Sensors for the Aerospace and Defense Industries

Aerospace and defense customers require highly customized solutions for mission-critical needs that demand maximum quality, high reliability and time-proven position sensing technology for emerging applications.BEI Sensors has been instrumental in providing position sensor and motion control solutions for leading edge manufacturers in the production of high-tech aerospace and military equipment.

Our unique design responsiveness and experienced packaging solutions have fulfilled exacting requirements for sensors that provide high cycling durability, enclosed sealing, and performance capabilities to withstand high temperature and vibration in extremely demanding environments. Using proprietary blends of conductive plastics and contact materials, exotic metals and various stainless steels, BEI Sensors manufactures housing and electronics that provide the tolerance necessary to withstand temperature environments as high as 300°C - well in excess of normal conditions.

BEI's engineering expertise, high quality manufacturing, and certifications to the AS 9100 Rev C Quality Management System have led us to unsurpassed success in these industries. Our US based manufacturing site and adherence to ITAR requirements allow us the unique ability to address customers with security sensitive requirements. Our customers return repeatedly with new design challenges requiring increasing levels of motion sensor innovation and technology.

Featured Products

Rotary Absolute Encoder - Model H25®

Model H25® Rotary Absolute Encoder

Available with up to 13 Bits of resolution. It incorporates many rugged features such as EMI shielding, 40-lb ABEC 7 bearings, matched thermal coefficients on critical components, and custom optics. This encoder features a 12 or 13 Bit absolute parallel gray code output with options for natural binary or SSI compatible signals. Model H25 is ideal for aircraft antenna positioning.

PDF Model H25® Rotary Absolute Encoder

Rotary Potentiometer for aerospace and defense

1200 Series Rotary Potentiometer

This rugged potentiometer is available with wirewound or conductive plastic resistive technology. The series has a compact 0.875" body diameter, allowing it to be installed in space-constrained installations. 1200 Series rotary potentiometers are ideal for throttle sensing, navigation controls, wheel position, and flab position applications.

PDF 1200 Series Rotary Potentiometer

Linear Potentiometer -  600 Series

600 Series Linear Potentiometer

The 600 Series provides extremely accurate measurements in applications that require a rugged instrument operating in a tight area. Their long life, infinite resolution and smooth output deliver high reliability in critical measurements. The 600 Series linear motion position transducer is ideal for applications such as brake pedal, yaw and trim sensing.

PDF 600 Series Linear Potentiometer

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