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Position Sensor Solutions for Off-Highway Construction, Agriculture and Mining Equipment

Encoders and Position Sensors for Off-Highway Equipment for Construction, Agriculture and Mining Equipment

BEI Sensors' products have stood the test of time, providing a high degree of reliability and performance, while withstanding the severe conditions posed by off-highway and industrial vehicle applications. These demanding applications rely on precise position sensing and redundant safety for steering and wheel systems, steer-by-wire systems, gear sensing, pedal and throttle control, hand acceleration, valve and control logging, cabin controls and more. Whether exposed to dirt, extreme temperatures, or moisture, the rugged construction of BEI Sensors encoder products ensures their accurate and reliable operation day after day, year after year.

In mining applications, BEI rotary encoders and position sensors help with everything from shaft elevator control and ore cart positioning to the control of heavy equipment such as excavators and earthmovers. Speed and position sensors for motion control in this environment have to withstand high shock and vibration, along with extremely dusty and wet conditions. BEI manufactures rugged encoder and sensor products designed to deliver optimum performance in these demanding operations. In addition, when hazardous area certifications are required, BEI Sensors offers a number of products certified by UL, CENELEC, LCIE and MSHA rating agencies.

PDF BEI Sensors Off-Highway Capability Brochure  (PDF- 2.19MB)


Featured Products

Hall effect position sensor 9960 series

9960 Series Hall Effect Position Sensor

Rugged and reliable position sensor utilizing non-contacting Hall effect sensing technology in a well-sealed housing; ideal for steering and pedal positioning, speed control, wheel and throttle position.

PDF 9960 Series Hall Effect Position Sensor

Linear potentiometer - 6300 series - BEI Sensors

6300 Series Linear Potentiometer

Ideal for high-velocity cylinder applications exceeding 2000mm/second (hydraulic) or 5000mm/second (pneumatic). The 6300 Series potentiometer has a wide operating temperature range of -40 to +125 C and long mechanical service life (exceeds one million meters, depending on fluid).

PDF 6300 Series Linear Potentiometer

8360 Hall Effect Position Sensor - Hollow Shaft - Rotary

8360 Hall Effect Hollow Shaft Position Sensor

With its low profile and through hold package, the 8360 is ideal for tight installations. Utilizing non-contacting technology, this position sensor is highly tolerant to shock and vibration. The 8360 Series is ideal for steering position applications.

PDF 8360 Hall Effect Hollow Shaft Position Sensor

5320 Panel Potentiometer

5320 Panel Potentiometer

5320 Series is ideally suited for tight packaging constraints while providing superior durability, long service life and repeatable accuracy. The sensor is fully sealed and impervious to contamination and moisture.

PDF 5320 Panel Potentiometer

CDB Draw wire sensor - BEI Sensors

CDB Draw Wire Sensor

This potentiometer draw-wire sensor offers a simple and cost effective solution to measure linear movement. These sensors do not need to be precisely guided and are especially adapted for heavy duty applications.

PDF CDB Draw Wire Sensor

H40 Shock Proof Optical Rotary Encoder

H40 Shock Proof Optical Rotary Encoder

Ultra heavy-duty encoder whose internal structure is completely isolated from severe shock and shaft loading conditions.

PDF H40 Shock Proof Optical Rotary Encoder

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