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Our commitment to quality

As an industrial consumer, you demand the highest quality and reliability in the products you purchase. With decades in the industrial sensor business, BEI Sensors understands your needs and has designed products of uncompromising quality and performance. BEI's quality policy is one that commits our organization to meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations of all our products and services. We strive to:

  • Maintain
  • Improve
  • Listen, and
  • Every Employee plays a part to continually improve our Quality Management System.

BEI Sensors personnel understand the importance of quality and its impact on the success of our business. Our staff is committed to and involved with the development, implementation, maintenance and evaluation of the Quality Management System.

The BEI Thousand Oaks and Strasbourg manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified. In addition, the Thousand Oaks facility is certified to AS9100 Rev C quality standard for aerospace, and the Strasbourg facility is certified RoHS and REACH. These certifications can be found in the PDFs below.

BEI Sensors management is dedicated to the quality objectives set forth by AS9100, EN 13980, IECEx and the goals of the BEI Sensors management team. The management team is committed to the achievement of its quality objectives. The team demonstrates its commitment to quality by:

  1. Establishing and maintaining an active program of internal audits of its Quality Management System
  2. Tracking of corrective actions
  3. Follow-up audits to assess the effectiveness of corrective actions,
  4. Offering good professional practice, ensuring quality of its testing and calibration
  5. Periodic management reviews of the Quality Management System.

Quality Certifications

Thousand Oaks, California

PDF BEI Sensors - Thousand Oaks - AS9100 Rev C Certificate (PDF - 611KB)
PDF BEI Sensors - Thousand Oaks - ISO Certificate (PDF - 671KB)
PDF BEI Sensors - Thousand Oaks - Limited Warranty - Encoder Products (PDF - 101KB)


Tijuana, Mexico

PDF BEI Sensors - Sensata - Tijuana - ISO Certificate (PDF - 94KB)

Strasbourg, France

PDF BEI Sensors Strasbourg - ISO Certificate (PDF - 104KB)

Environmental Certifications

Thousand Oaks, California

PDF BEI Sensors Thousand Oaks - Environmental Management System - ISO 14001:2004 (PDF - 683KB)
PDF BEI Sensors Thousand Oaks - Environmental Policy (PDF - 105KB)



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