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Rotary Encoders and Position Sensors for Metals Industry

Encoders and Position Sensors for Metal Manufacturing Applications

BEI Sensors' products are built tough to operate reliably in metal manufacturing applications. There are few harsher, more corrosive environments than a steel mill. Every piece of equipment can be exposed to continuous humidity, dust or liquid. BEI speed and position sensors are engineered to withstand these unforgiving environments. Stainless steel encoders and encoder housings with protective coatings can resist chemical and corrosive element attack. Sensors with high IP ratings are available to resist pressurized spray, condensation, and dust. Customers trust the reliability of BEI's motion control products designed to operate with precision and accuracy under these severe conditions.

Featured Products

Rotary incremental encoder for metal applications

GXM9 Rotary Incremental Optical Encoder

This standard shafted 90mm diameter encoder features a stainless steel housing for corrosion resistance. The GXM9 is ideal for reliable performance in various mill conditions such as humidity, high temperatures, and dust. Several options are available for particular electronic or mechanical requirements.

PDF GXM9 Rotary Incremental Optical Encoder
Rotary stainless steel encoder for steel mills

DXM5 Rotary Incremental Optical Encoder

With high ingress protection ( IP68 or IP69K) and a stainless steel 316 housing, the DXM5 has a long life system bearing bloc, resistant to mechanical abuse and high shaft loads in various mill processes.

PDF DXM5 Rotary Incremental Optical Encoder
Shock proof encoder for metal manufacturing industry

H40 Rotary Optical Encoder

This encoder features a heavy duty bearing set and is engineered for resistance to shock and vibration. It utilizes a thick cast aluminum housing for impact resistance and is available with an explosion-proof rating. Rough duty environments are where this sensor really shines.

PDF H40 Rotary Optical Encoder

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