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BEI Sensors - Rugged Encoders, Position Sensors and Motion Control Products

BEI Sensors manufactures a wide range of encoder products:

  • Incremental and Absolute Encoder Solutions
  • Rotary Optical Encoder Products
  • Magnetic Encoders
  • Hall Effect Non-Contact Position Sensors
  • Contact Potentiometers
  • Other Motion Control Products

We take pride in producing quality encoders and sensors for demanding customers with severe environment applications. We offer high performing encoder products, ranging from standard to fully customized sensing solutions, supported by our experienced group of technology experts and premium customer service.

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Latest News

LP Series Encoders - Open up the Possibilities

BEI Sensors announces the launch of the LP Series, a new line of heavy-duty rotary encoders...

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Rugged Position Sensor Ships Quickly

The new Model 9970 Hall effect position sensor from BEI Sensors ships quickly, within two weeks...

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Comprehensive Range of Functional Safety Encoders

The new functional safety incremental encoder range is certified by TÜV Rheinland...

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