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Authorized Distributors for BEI Sensors Encoder & Position Sensor Products

Allied Electronics

Toll Free: (866) 433 5722
BEI Sensors at


Tel. Ontario:
(905) 569 6246
Toll Free Ontario: (800) 595 0514
Tel. Quebec: (514) 697 4202

Digi-Key Electronics

Tel. US: (800) 338 4105
BEI Sensors at

Galco Industrial Electronics

Toll Free: (800) 575 5562
Tel.: (248) 542 9090
BEI Sensors at



Tel. US: (800) 400 7041
Tel. MX: 978-657-0684

Mouser Electronics

Toll Free: (800) 346 6873
Tel.: (817) 804 3888
BEI Sensors at

RedE parts

Tel.: (248) 370 8800

Sager Electronics

Toll Free: (800) SAGER 800
Tel.: (800) 724 37800

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