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Encoder & Sensor Industry Related Resources

Online resource dedicated to the global industrial automation market, reporting on developing industry trends and successful applications. BEI Sensors at

Digital resource of Control Design magazine, specializing in the industrial automation marketplace, with specific dedication to the information needs of industrial machine builders. Search BEI Sensors on

Control Engineering

News and resources in motion control, instrumentation, and automation worldwide. Search BEI Sensors on

Design News

Online technical resource for design engineers including but not limited to information about rotary encoders and linear transducers. BEI Sensors on

Design World

Provides relevant content and supplier product and technology releases for the OEM machine builder, design engineer, and engineering manager. BEI Sensors at

Engineer Specifier

Features the latest product and industry news for the electronic and industrial automation industry. BEI Sensors on


Online engineering search engine providing industrial automation and motion control supplier profiles and news events. BEI Sensors at

Machine Design

Provides news, applications, in-depth technical information, new products and vendor information for engineers in fields like industrial automation. BEI Sensors at

The Engineer Source

Online resource for production engineers involved in the motion control industry.

Informational resource for engineers, programmers, designers, technicians and other professionals who specify, purchase and use motion control systems, software, robotics, sensors and other supporting products to automate machines, equipment and factories. BEI Sensors at

Motion System Design

Online resource providing articles on power transmission and motion control systems. BEI Sensors at

New Equipment Digest

Provides information about new products and technologies for industrial buyers and specifiers. BEI Sensors on

Oil & Gas Journal

Delivers the latest international Oil and Gas news, analysis of issues and operation and maintenance related to motion control systems. BEI Sensors on

Product Design & Development

Provides product information for engineers including updates on motion control and industry events. BEI Sensors on

Sensors Magazine

Online version of sensor industry articles, news and resources for sensors specifiers. BEI Sensors on

Thomas Net

Provides online listings for many industrial products or services and helps connect industrial buyers and suppliers. BEI Sensors at

Environmental Ratings for Encoders

IP vs. NEMA Ratings Comparison

IP Ratings and Descriptions

NEMA Ratings and Descriptions

Hazardous Area Resources


Underwriters Laboratories: Hazardous Locations

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