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Draw Wire Sensors

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Draw wire sensors offer a simple solution to measure linear speed and position. Utilizing a flexible cable, a spring-loaded spool, and a sensor (an optical encoder with incremental, absolute, analog or potentiometric output), draw wire sensors can precisely measure linear position. Draw wire sensors do not need precise linear guidance and are ideal for wet, dirty, or outdoor environments and applications where your measuring range travels over harsh environments. These include applications in iron, steel, and wood (saw mills, joineries).

Draw wire sensors are also known in the industry as cable transducers, cable-extension transducers, string potentiometers, draw wire transducers, yo yo pots, linear position string pots, and string encoders.

CD Series

CBD  Draw-Wire sensor from BEIThe CD series is available in ranges from 700 and 50,000 mm in a variety of incremental and absolute output options. In addition, models in this series are available with incremental, potentiometer, or absolute output (except CD046, which is absolute only).

Standard Linearity: ± 0.05% for mechanical and ± 0.15% for potentiometric/analog solutions.

Linearity option: ± 0.01% for mechanical and ± 0.10% for potentiometric/analog solutions.

Measurement range: up to 700 mm
Data Sheet- Potentiometer:(PDF -301KB)
Measurement range: up to 1250 mm
Data Sheet - Absolute [FR]
Measurement range: up to 1250 mm
Data Sheets
Absolute [FR] (PDF -114KB)
Analog (PDF -355KB)
Incremental (PDF -139KB)
Potentiometer (PDF -229KB)
Measurement range: up to 1250 mm
Data Sheets
Absolute (PDF -94KB)
Analog (PDF -94KB)
Incremental (PDF -90KB)
Potentiometer (PDF -175KB)
Measurement range: up to 3000 mm
Data Sheets
Absolute [FR] (PDF -109KB)
Analog (PDF -296KB)
Incremental [FR] (PDF -162KB)
Mechanics (PDF -104KB)
Potentiometer (PDF -175KB)
Measurement range: up to 3500 mm
Data Sheets
Absolute [FR] (PDF -108KB)
Analog (PDF -323KB)
Incremental [FR] (PDF -161KB)
Mechanics (PDF -104KB)
Potentiometer (PDF -184KB)
Measurement range: up to 6000 mm
Data Sheets
Absolute [FR] (PDF -112KB)
Analog (PDF -312KB)
Incremental(PDF -181KB)
Mechanics (PDF -105KB)
Potentiometer (PDF -191KB)
Measurement range: up to 15,000 mm
Data Sheets
Mechanics 10,000 mm (PDF -111KB)
Potentiometer 10,000 mm (PDF -175KB)
Analog 15,000 mm (PDF -317KB)
Mechanics 15,000 mm (PDF -112KB)
Potentiometer 15,000 mm (PDF -196KB)
Measurement range: up to 50,000 mm
Data Sheets
Analog 20,000 mm (PDF -314KB)
Mechanics 20,000 mm (PDF -120KB)
Potentiometer 20,000 mm (PDF -193KB)
Mechanics 30,000 mm (PDF -98KB)
Mechanics 40,000 mm (PDF -98KB)
Mechanics 50,000 mm (PDF -98KB)


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