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Electronic Interface Modules for Encoders

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BEI Sensors offers a variety of electronic interface and converter modules for encoders. These modules can help solve a multitude of interface issues including mismatched data voltages, incorrect output types, incorrect resolution, or poor signal compatibility.

Optical Isolator Encoder Interface Module

Optical Isolator Interface Module

This versatile interface between an encoder and any receiving electronics provide an electrically robust output to the receiving electronics. This presents a solid solution for systems with poor signal compatibility, noise and/or grounding problems.

Intrinsic Safety Barrier from BEI Sensors

Intrinsic Safety Barrier

This galvanically isolated intrinsically safe barrier is the perfect complement to BEI encoders for hazardous environments. It is electrically compatible with all popular counters, PLCs and controllers, and it features isolation for power and three signal channels, as well as LED indicators for power and data.

Dual USB encoder converter electronic interface

Dual Encoder to USB Converter Module

This module can handle signals from two SSI absolute encoders or two quadrature encoders and translates the encoder position to industry standard USB 2.0 format.

Anti Dither Encoder Module

Anti-Dither Module

Uses internal discrimination circuitry to avoid errors due to start/stop cycles or vibration environments.

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Divide-by Encoder Interface Module

Divide-By Module

Accepts single ended or differential inputs and divides the signal by a factory set number from 2 to 256. The resulting output signal is a reduced resolution of the input signal.

BEI serial to parallel  encoder module

Serial to Parallel Converter Module

Converts serial data from an SSI or RS-422 source to 15-bit parallel output.

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Encoder Signal Broadcaster

Encoder Signal Broadcaster Module

Accepts standard incremental inputs and can broadcast up to four signals to four independent devices.

Rotary Digital Encoder read-out SA100R

SA100R Rotary Digital Display (DRO)

This versatile 7-digit display reads out in degrees/minutes/seconds (DMS) or decimal degrees.

Linear Digital Encoder read-out SA100

SA100 Linear Digital Display (DRO)

This versatile 7-digit display reads out in inches or millimeters.

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