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Encoders and Sensors for Extreme Environments

Encoders and Sensors for Extreme Environments

BEI Sensors understands the challenges posed by extreme environments and has engineered an extensive line of rotary encoders, rotary Hall effect sensors and rotary and linear potentiometers designed to operate in the harshest conditions imaginable. Industrial applications can pose all types of environmental hazardous: wet, dirty, cold, hot, corrosive, and even explosive. Quality encoders and position sensors designed for these harsh environments can last for years without a problem. When selecting an encoder, Hall effect sensor or potentiometer, carefully consider the type of environment it will be in and select the product specifications accordingly.

The icons below each represent a particular extreme environment. They can be used as a quick visual indicator of which products are designed to operate in which extreme environment condition. By clicking on an icon, you can view more information about that particular challenging industrial environment.

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