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Inclinometers - Precise Tilt Measurement

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BEI Sensors sturdy and compact T-Series industrial inclinometer is a high performance sensor for angle measurement of inclination (pitch and roll) and rotational movements. Using the latest MEMS technology, these inclinometers offer the best combination of precision and responsiveness. The T-Series provides outstanding mechanical stability with a completely encapsulated sensor for reliable performance in harsh outdoor environments. The series is offered with a glass fiber reinforce plastic or aluminum alloy housing, and analog or CANopen output.

Industrial-duty inclinometer from BEI

Industrial Duty Inclinometers

  • Dual axis measurement range up to ± 60°
  • Optional single axis measurement range of 360°
  • High Resolution: 0.01°
  • High Accuracy: 0.1°
  • Housing: Glass fiber reinforced plastic or AW6082-T6 aluminium alloy housing
  • Highest protection class: IP69K, IP68
  • Outputs: Analog or CANopen
  • Extreme Environments: Wet and Dirty
Inclinometers for wet environments Inclinometers for dirty and dusty environments

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Analog Output
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CANopen Output (PDF - 478KB)

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